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Monday, 9 May 2011

Home-Studo Report 1

Yesterday was the second recording session for our second record and we managed to complete the first song on the record. The song is called Ocean Of Storms and it's gonna be track eleven on the disc. We utilised our Midi controller/keyboard to add some cool stuff to this song.

The song itself is quite laid-back and bass heavy which is cool. Unlike Headstrong which was a guitar heavy hard rock album this second one is gonna utilize more effects and stuff with the guitar being less of the focus and being just a small part of a larger whole. At least that's the plan going in. Ocean Of Storms is very bass-heavy during the Verses and Chrous' with a Pre-Chorus which has a cool synth line underneath. It all adds a laid-back yet ominous feel to the song which I really like.

Anyway we started recording on April 25th and we've already got one song finished. We're hoping to be on a one song a week schedule from here on out so let's see how long it takes us to go completely off schedule.

Progress So Far:
11. Ocean Of Storms 5:11


Sunday, 8 May 2011


So it's been almost a full month since I last posted on the blog, that's pretty bad, especially after I said I'd keep this thing up to date. So what's happened since I last posted on April 11th?

Well first off we played our very first live show in Reading at The Butler. It was a cool venue just a tiny little back room with some lights thrown up for ambiance. If I had one complaint it would be that we had about ten people who said they'd show up who then did not show up. Alas, we played a pretty good show but I think what we learned is that our songs work much better in a full-band, electric setup then in an acoustic setting.

So we're still on the lookout for both a drummer and a keyboardist and if anyone knows someone who can play one of these instruments tell them to get in touch through our e-mail address:

Our setlist for the gig, if anyone is interested, went as follows:
The Love
Falling To Climb
Universe Girl
Suspended Animation

We thought that was a pretty good introductory set with some up-beat numbers but also a couple of slower songs thrown in for good measure.

Onto other news! On April 25th we convened into our home studio (Steve's home to be precise), fired up Pro-Tools, and began work on our second disc. We'll be utilising an M-Audio Midi Keyboard on this set and that helps us because it give us access to not only keyboard but also any other effect or random noise that we can think of or get our hands on.

We started work on our first track that day and it came out sounding pretty good even it's rough current form. We took a two week break after that due to increased work schedules  but we should be reconvening today to continue work and I shall update you as work continues.

- Tom