Echo Project's Last Fm.

Monday, 11 April 2011

So, we're only about 11 days away from our debut gig at The Butler in Reading. We're all looking forward to it. We've been been doing frequent practices over the last two weeks writing what we feel should be a pretty good debut setlist. Yesterday we did our first run through of the set on an Acoustic Guitar and luckily all the songs seem to translate well into an acoustic format. Hopefully we'll go over well on the night, as per usual, there are the pre-gig nerves that I always get as I imagine the worst case scenario for the night, haha. But me and Steve's other band (Another Life) always go over well when we play live so I think it will be the same case when Echo Project makes it's live debut.

On the song front we had another brief writing session for our second record when were messing around with the Acoustic and some random effects. Steve and Wez managed to come up with a cool thing based around a couple of bass lines and a delay effect on the Acoustic which gives a somewhat ethereal feel to the song. I've put some lyrics to it and we basically got a rough demo of a song which has the working title of Ocean Of Storms. This is basically the first song with some concrete ideas behind it for our next project.

Hopefully we'll start recording some new songs proper at some point in April. Based on the music we wrote the other day I think it's gonna turn out to be much better than Headstrong at this early stage. We'll see, but I'm looking forward to starting.

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