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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Home-Studio Report 2

So we're back. We had to take a month and a half long break from recording due to work schedules but we finally returned to our home studio on July 17th to continue work on the second record. It's gone through some changes (I've re-written almost all of the lyrics and such) and we're back to work.

Our first day back recording went well as we wrote and recorded a song, wrote another one and got some ideas going for a third song. The song that we recorded was the opening track for the album, a song called Sci-Fi, it's a fairly simple song but we think that works to make it a cool opening track. It's got a cool bass line running through it and a fantastic heavy section.

The song we wrote is called Famous and we should hopefully be recording that today, it's a kinda up-tempo song with a sing-a-long chorus so it should be fun to record. Finally, the song we got some ideas for (a guitar part basically) is called Complicated Love which, hopefully, we should also be recording today. All in all, today should be a very productive session in the home studio.

Updated Track-list:
1. Sci-Fi 6:55
10. Ocean Of Storms 5:10

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