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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

About The Band

So I started a blog for Echo Project, mainly so I could talk about various goings on within the band that could be posted to our Last Fm page. You know so we can get people listening to our stuff and maybe spreading the word. Let's start with the basic subject, which is, details of the band.

I'm Tom Taylor and I'm the Vocalist and main Lyricist of the band. The other two members of the group are Steve Smith on Guitar and Backing Vocals and Wez Walke on Bass and Backing Vocals. We're currently searching for a drummer and hopefully a keyboardist too so we can do full bands shows.

So it all started back in about November of 2009. Me and Steve are in another band called Another Life which was going through one of it's all to frequent bouts of doing absolutely nothing (the bassist and drummer from that band are in University). I had written a bunch of lyrics out of boredom and suggested to Steve that we get together and maybe write some songs from them.

Through November into Mid-December of 2009 we wrote and recorded nine songs filling out a mini-album we called Suspended Animation. However, before we could finish Tracks 10-12, Another Life kicked back into gear and we abandoned the project.

It wasn't until May of 2010 that we came back to the band. Another Life was in another hiatus and I realised that me and Steve had a stockpile of about 15-16 songs that weren't quite right for Another Life. They weren't metal and they dealt with extremely personal subjects. I wrote a few more lyrics in this personal ilk and we realised we had 24 songs that we could record as a whole new band.

We kicked around a few different names for the band including Echo and Headstrong. We eventually settled on the name Echo Project. In the middle of May we added Wez, originally as a second Guitarist and Backing Vocalist but eventually he would find his calling as our Bassist. It was on May 10th that we began recording our debut 'album' (I put it in quotations because we're unsigned) which is entitled Headstrong. It contains 24 songs spread out over two separate discs. It's about 130 minutes of music and it's available to listen to on our Last Fm. page (which you can get to by clicking our picture at the top of the page). It's all a bit rough around the edges as almost everything was recorded in one take. About 5 of the songs are from the original Suspended Animation mini-album.

The album is concept album of sorts. It deals with the years 2008 and 2009 for us which were eventful to say the least. It kind of charts those years in a some what chronological order.

What are we up to now? We're currently searching for a Drummer and Keyboardist in the Frimley/Camberley, Surrey, UK area to join the band so we can play full band shows. For now we're trying to secure some acoustic dates in our local area. We're also plotting to return to our home studio to work on a second set of songs to constitute a second 'album' if you will.

I promise I won't ramble this incessantly in future blog postings, and I'll try and get other members of the band to post and we'll keep a nice little blog here to update people on our little band in our little town.

- Tom (Echo Project)

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