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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

First Gig

So we've booked our first ever live appearance at The Butler in Reading, Berkshire on April 22nd 2011. We're hoping for a pretty good turn out seeing as how this'll be Echo Project's live debut albeit in an acoustic format. This will be the first time Wez has played in a live setting. Me and Steve have played live many times with our other band Another Life but this is a different set of circumstances. As opposed to the loud heavy metal of Another Life we'll be playing in a more intamite acoustic setting and we'll be playing songs that are more personal which we'll be different.

Hopefully, we'll go over well and we'll be able to springboard to even more acoustic gigs over the first half of 2011. The ultimate goal is still to get ourselves a Drummer and a Keyboardist so we can play full band shows and play some of the songs that really require a full band to really make them work (Addicted To My Imagination comes to mind).

More details on the gig as we get them, which should be in the coming weeks and maybe even some more gigs to come in the coming months!

- Tom (Echo Project)

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