Echo Project's Last Fm.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Bass blog #1

Shazam! So here we are! Got ourselves a mighty-fine blog page of our own, for all the news and ramblings a band starting out could need to tell! Howdy do to you all, and welcome to our humble little sector of the internet. Smoking and drinking are permitted and encouraged, and please wipe your shoes upon entry.

My name is Wez, and I play the bass (I can't play guitar, it's got far too many strings), sing a couple of songs and backing tracks (poorly) and generally annoy and make a fool of myself. I do need to clarify something Tom said earlier though; I wasn't "inducted" into the band. The three of us were hanging out round Tom's for our weekly movie night, and he and Steve were discussing Echo Project. Rather meekly, I asked to join, and they happily obliged. Huzzah to being part of something!

Being a part of something like Echo Project is quite a brilliant experience for me. Taking part in the writing, construction and recording of songs, and learning the stories behind the lyrics is a fantastic way of getting to know my two best friends better, and hopefully make some music that people can enjoy as much as we enjoy playing. Not to mention slowly learning to better myself as a musician, and getting more inspiration to write my own lyrics for the group, and my stories (some of which end up on my own blog. Happy hunting!)

So to those of you who know who we are, and those just joining us, good day, good day and good day! Hope you like the music. If not, we hope that us as people will make up for it. Take it easy and take care.


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